Brand new IT-areas and today’s computer systems and their influence on people and society – advantages and possible problems

Today we can meet technology in every single time of our surroundings. Our holidays, employment or even rising a kid is associated in major part with new devices, furthermore a large number of us can’t live without them.


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e greatest organisations enter new devices and important solutions in IT-area. Many intelligent computer programs helps us in our existance; park sensors support us in finding a nice space to leave or car, smartphones help us finding the love of our lives and SFA system is associated with successful selling. A large number of relations in our new society is related with one another. This situations give lots of fantastic possibilities, nevertheless as well some danger. SFA system is very handy, nevertheless as every system connected with the Web must be repaired and checked – Many gifted IT-experts watch over maighty servers of the greatest companies, these fast machines are running 24 hours a day. Using mobiles and specially the Internet we have created a brand new standards, but also we deprive ourselves of our opportunity of managing with crucial situations. We are not self-depended and our culture is starting to be


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We need to find a balance between things what we have got and things what we want to have got. We could create fantastic systems like the SFA system, however we must remember to control it. Computers and brand new devices rule the world, billions bits of information is transferred through the Internet everyday. People are mailing and tweets, transfer large money and have messages, all of these in front of computer and keyboard.

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For them it is very difficult to exist even a short time without interaction with the Web, specially kids have this sort of problem.
Personal computers and the Internet help us in everyday life, high-complicated systems are processing a large number number of information, they help us understand our surroundings. Although still the most significant thing in our society should be other people.