Why is the external wall insulation that important while constructing a house?

Depending on the thermic insulation parameters of the walls, their surface and the technique of warming the building, heat worth several thousand zlotys annually can escape from the house.


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For numerous shareholders, this is a plentiful issue to consider insulation of partitions.

In most situations, the walls can be insulated in a quite simple way. It is correct that renewal will entail considerable sums, but the outcome will be not only smaller heating expenses, but also better the esthetics of the house. If the house (read more toddler house bed uk) was still constructed in the old manner, it is almost obvious that it requires thermo-modernization. But external wall insulation can may be needed in structures constructed later – when during the contruction the layer of insulation applied was too light. In both occasions, the restoration should be preceded by an energy audit. This is an investigation conducted by expert organizations, permitting not solely to determine how much warmth escapes from the building, but also to exactly show spots that equest particular attention.

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The component of the audit can also be the thermovision verification. The following step is to choose the methodtechnique of isolating the walls. At this point, various investors are wondering which isolation to pick. The broad majority of structures in our country is isolated with styrofoam or mineral wool. Both matters are characterized by similar thermal insulation qualities.

A substitute to wool and styrofoam are polyurethane or polyethylene foams. Because of the rather high price, they have not yet got much popularity, although they have many advantages.